DIY Pixel Fix: Fix Dead, Stuck Or Hot Pixels Hassle Free

PixelHealer Screenshot: DIY pixel fix

Discovering dead, hot, or stuck pixels on your screen is always an annoying thing. They are just impossible to ignore. From the moment they appear, you just can not take your eyes off them, no matter how great the content is showing on the rest of the screen. So you need to do something about them.

If you have kept the warranty receipt, you envision the drag of bringing the hardware back to the store, going through the whole procedure, and getting your healthy monitor back in a few weeks time. Worse still, if you have lost the receipt or if the warranty period is over, you really do not need that repair bill on the top of the many others.

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Color Desktop Wallpapers At Your Fingertips

Color desktop wallpapers at your fingertips

Anyone who likes or needs to experiment or work with colors, will appreciate Colortypist. This minimalist app lets you fill the screen with any web color you like. And it does that in style. By the time you finish typing the color name, HTML code, RGB triplet, or integer value, your color desktop wallpaper is ready.

Colortypist is the true epitome of real-time apps. It could not be any more real-time, unless it was able to read your mind. But even until it gets there, it can still offer you enough interestingness. Let’s have a look at some ways you can use it.

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Freedom-Tied Favorites: How To Create Portable Bookmarks?

Create portable bookmarks with HTMtied

Bookmarks are vital for regular Internet users. Many of us build a massive collection of favorite Internet addresses over the years, as we keep finding useful pages to return to. When reading a book, most of us are unable to remember where we left off each time we pick it up. So imagine the frustration and the challenge in finding your favorite pages without the help of bookmarks! Even though they are not as visible as, for instance, backgrounds, images, themes, or gadgets, bookmarks build perhaps the most accurate digital replica of our personalities.

So you have an impressive amount of bookmarks saved in your browser, neatly structured in folders, that you use daily. They work just great, and help you a lot in your work, study, or fun.

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Pixel Test Your Monitor For Its Trouble Spots

Pixel test your monitor for its trouble spots

Picture the disappointment of a loved one, when it turns out that the ultrabook or convertible notebook you presented them with, has dead pixels. Or imagine your own frustration, when you find out that some of the pixels on your new monitor are hot or stuck. Defective pixels can occur as a result of flaw in manufacturing, or they may occur over time. But whether you are about to buy stuff, or just want to check the one you are using, InjuredPixels proves to be an invaluable tool.

To prevent a spoiled birthday party, or an annoying fight with the salesman, pixel test the stuff you are going to buy, with InjuredPixels! It’s a no-installation, portable app, so you can take it with you anywhere you like. Copy it to your flash drive and bring it in-store. Or use it on any PC you want to.

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Instant Screen Area Focus With CinemaDrape

Instant screen area focus with CinemaDrape

The fiercer the competition to catch Internet users’ attention gets, the more challenging it becomes to focus on the content we need to. Distraction ruins quality work and browsing, no doubt. But often the struggle to keep our eyes away from catchy stuff, requires straining effort. And webmasters, online advertisers, service providers are just not going to back off. On the contrary: they get paid for tightening the world wide web around us to keep our senses glued to it.

For instance, if we open a regular website, we are instantly forced to divide our attention to at least a dozen things and areas. Special offers flash on bright yellow backgrounds, sliders display the latest products, footers offer dozens of quick links and so on.

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