Top Trends and Future Prospects of the Mobile App Market

In the mobile app market, there is no end in sight. The number of mobile apps on the market is growing and is at an all-time high. As the number of mobile apps grows so has the number of mobile developers. Currently, Android and iOS dominate the smartphone market. People have increasingly become reliant on their mobile apps for various reasons such as messaging, checking emails, watching videos, project management, and other tasks. Here’s a breakdown of the current trends and prospects of the mobile App market.

Mobile payments

Mobile payments eliminate the need for debit and credit cards as people use apps on their mobile phones to make payments. Although such apps have been developed, such as Google’s Pay that includes Android Pay and Google Wallet, they have not yet reached huge markets. In future, expect to see a rise in the number of mobile payments.

Augmented reality

In 2017, Google and Apple launched ARCore and ARKit, respectively, to increase the level of access and development of augmented reality. Currently, marketers see augmented reality as a way of enhancing user experience. As such, several augmented reality apps and games have been developed. An app such as Augment allows users to see products in the 3D real-life environment. This app comes in handy for shopping and other needs such as architecture. AR is also being used in web browsers, navigation, and games that create experiences that use one’s actual surroundings such as Pokémon Go. Soon we will see lots of AR apps.

Instant apps

Instant apps allow users to use apps without downloading them. Google has launched this feature in Android devices. Android users can now use an app on playstore and download it only if they have space on their phones. With instant apps, users can now use only the part of an app that they need. For instance, you can now play the New York Times crossword without installing their app.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to play a crucial role in app development in the coming years. IoT incorporates the use of non-IT devices to enable remote control, monitoring, and automation. IoT elements collect and exchange data without human interaction. This exciting tech is expected to be a game-changer in mobile app development. With the growth of IOT apps, developers will focus on the most obvious choices when it comes to remote control.

With the development of apps that focus on user experience, you will not have to worry about processes like how to uninstall VPN app on iPad. Also, expect to see more app integrations, wearables, and a greater focus on app security.