CinemaDrape Focus

Focus on your task by blanking or dimming other screen areas.

"Strategically covers parts of your desktop" (Washington Post)

Key Features

  • Works Anywhere

    CinemaDrape helps you when writing an important document, watching an online video, composing an email, ...

  • Background Off

    CinemaDrape instantly blanks or dims the other less important areas in a web page or in the background windows.

  • Anti-distraction

    Stop getting distracted by all those side elements, ads, or social network and instant messaging notifications.

  • More Convenient

    With CinemaDrape you no longer have to manually clean up your working screen area or close windows and applications.

  • Easy to Focus

    Adding a new transparent focus area is like drawing a rectangle. And you can add as many focus areas as you need.

  • Easy to Customize

    You can easily move or resize the focus areas using the mouse or arrow keys, or change the drape color and opacity.

More Details


  • Lifehacker

    "Eliminate background distractions and help yourself focus on getting something done."
  • AOL Download Squad

    "A great way to turn off the 'background noise' so you can focus on one particular app or area of your screen."
  • Web User Magazine

    "It forces you to give the job your full attention by hiding everything outside the main application."

More Reviews


  • Focus on e-mail

    Focus while composing emails. Works with Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, and all the rest.

  • Easily change the focus area

    Easily move or resize the focus area with your mouse, finger, or the arrow keys.

  • Focus color and opacity

    Concentrate using your favorite color and opacity. Maybe full opaque black is not your thing.

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