Create a portable bookmark with HTMtied HTMtied.

Save your Internet bookmarks as tiny portable bookmark files. Use them anywhere.

"The verdict: this is simply brilliant." (FreewareGenius)

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Key Features

  • Free Bookmarks

    Free as in liberated: save your Internet bookmarks as tiny files, that you can use anywhere, outside your browser.

  • Portable Bookmarks

    Use your Internet bookmarks on any PC, tablet, smartphone, or in the cloud. On Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or Linux.

  • Standard HTML Files

    The portable bookmark files are actually tiny HTML files, that load the original Internet address, when opened in any browser.

  • Easy as 1, 2, 3

    Copy any Internet address to the Clipboard, run HTMtied, and paste the magically created portable bookmark file.

  • Convert En Masse

    Copy multiple addresses on separate lines to the Clipboard, or drag and drop any number of URL files over HTMtied.

  • The Direct Mode

    No more manual pasting: click the HTMtied Direct shortcut to convert and paste all bookmarks to a preffered location.

  • Online Bookmarks

    The portable bookmark files can easily be uploaded or syncronized in the cloud, with online storage services.

  • Internet Favorites

    Liberate your Internet Explorer Favorites: copy the URL files to the Clipboard, or drag and drop them on the HTMtied icon.

  • Easy To Use

    HTMtied is so easy to use that it doesn't even need a user interface. On success you'll hear the famous "Tada" sound.

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  • "The liberation of bookmarks. ... Kudos to the developers for a great implementation of such a simple yet brilliant idea." FreewareGenius
  • "What makes HTMtied useful is that unlike the files created by browsers, HTMtied creates files supported by any platform." AddictiveTips
  • "Intelligent, lightweight, free and portable. It can convert any web address into a cross-browser and multi-device HTML link file." SWZone

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  • Copy the Internet address to the Clipboard

    Step 1: Copy the Internet address from your browser's address bar, or from any link.

  • Make bookmarks: Run HTMtied to create the portable bookmark files

    Step 2: Run HTMtied to magically convert the address to a portable bookmark file.

  • Paste the converted Internet favorites anywhere

    Step 3: Simply paste the portable bookmark file on your Desktop, or in any other location.