• Drag and Drop

    Simply drag and drop any file, image, photo, icon, document, video or program from your Desktop or any other folder.

  • Icons and Thumbnails

    Get icons for any file or program. And get thumbnails (reduced-size versions) for any picture, photo, or video.

  • Free File Icons

    Free as in size liberated. Windows shows you small, standard size icons. Thumbico lets you view icons at any size.

  • Easy Image Sizing

    Get a bigger or smaller icon or thumbnail by pressing the familiar Ctrl++ or Ctrl+- zoom keyboard shortcuts.

  • Precise Image Sizing

    For a more precise resizing, you can also enter width and height values in the numeric edit boxes located in the toolbar.

  • Easy Editing

    Easily rotate the image, flip it horizontally or vertically, convert it to grayscale, or blend it in with a different background color.

  • Saving or Copying

    Easily export and save the WYSIWYG image to a JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP file, or copy it to the Windows Clipboard.

  • Cute Icons

    Try the Glass and Naked Modes for a nicer view of file icons and thumbnails. For screenshots, screencasts, or presentations.

  • Software Developers

    Test how program or file icons look at different sizes, and how their transparency blends with different backgrounds.